Chas (Charles Tomlin) has been working at the University of Southampton since March 2003 in the school of Electronics and Computer Science. His main interests are network security, intrusion detection systems and web technologies. He is a big fan of the open source intrusion detection system snort which he has deployed in ECS.

You can read about some of the activities that Snort has uncovered here.

He has also created some tools using open source software for deploying operating systems. Using software like Partimage and Busybox he has created a PXE bootable linux client that is capable of disk imaging the Windows operating system. If you would like to download the tools or read more click here.

Chas has written some music which you can download here. These tracks were written a long time ago please feel free to use them how you wish!

You can find Chas's GPG public key here.

The finger print for the key is;

6992 A3E8 7BD6 2376 CCB0 F3CD 4535 B43D 0739 24D2

You should verify this fingerprint with me in person