Dr David Bacigalupo

  Professional Specialist (Research Fellow) and Project Manager
  MLE Team and Learning Societies Lab,
  iSolutions and School of Electronics and Computer Science,
  University of Southampton,

  Alumni Member
  National e-Science Centre (now Edinburgh Data-Intensive Research),
  University of Edinburgh,

  Associate Member,
  High Performance Systems Group,
  Department of Computer Science,
  University of Warwick

Contact Details

   Room 6033, Building 2, MLE Team
   Bay 6, Level 3, Building 32
   School of Electronics and Computer Science
   University of Southampton
   United Kingdom
   +44 (0) 2380 595 947
   D.Bacigalupo followed by "@soton" and then type 'dot' ac 'dot' uk or
   E: db1f08 followed by "at ecs dot soton" and then type 'dot' ac 'dot' uk
   or dbacigal (at) inf DOT ed DOT ac DOT uk
   or daveb (at) dcs DOT warwick DOT ac DOT uk

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  3. Research
  4. Talks
  5. Recent Publications
  6. Recent Joint Information Systems Committee Reports and Guidelines
  7. Older Publications
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  9. Miscellaneous

Chronological List of Positions and Projects

iSolutions and School of Electronics and Computer Science University of Southampton

Working for: Dr. Bill Warburton, Lester Gilbert and Dr. Gary Wills
Projects: funded by the EASiHE project (JISC) and TeciRes project (JISC)

National e-Science Centre (now Edinburgh Data-Intensive Research)

Working for: Dr. Jano van Hemert and Prof. Malcolm Atkinson
Projects: Rapid (OMII) and FireGrid (TSB) projects.

Good starting points for information on FireGrid are this workshop (for technical info) and this blog post (for national media information) as well as the Firegrid project website

The University of Edinburgh School of Informatics

As: the lecturer and course organiser for the 3rd year Operating Systems undergraduate course (see below)
Working on: eAssessment proposal and supporting pilot study, collaborating with Stephen Gilmore, Stuart Anderson, Neil McGillivray and Jacques Fleuriot, School of Informatics. (See the University of Southampton JISC EASiHE project for information on my work on eAssessment.)

The University of Warwick High Performance Systems Group

PhD, RA and postdoc supervisor: Prof. Stephen Jarvis

Projects: click here for details of the 3 externally funded projects I worked on (pdf) (EPSRC/IBM)

The IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre, New York;

IBM Hursley, UK.

BT Labs (Adastral Park), UK;

In addition, I have had a number of non-research IT positions at companies including Venners Computer Systems and Olivetti.

Chronological list of my research and IT experience with start and end dates

Screencast Demos


I have done research (starting in 1999) for: the University of Southampton, the National e-Science Centre, the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics, the High Performance Systems Group at the University of Warwick; The IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre in New York; BT Labs (Adastral Park) and IBM Hursley.

Research Interests
My research interests (in alphabetical order) include amongst other things: analytics, cloud computing; ease of use; emergency response; hpc; infrastructures, platforms and services for eAssessment, eResearch and business applications; performance analysis, modeling and evaluation; and scheduling/resource management/workload management.

Funding Track Record
I have played important roles in helping the High Performance Systems Group bring in over GBP 1 million of funding (spread across a number of projects) from the EPSRC, IBM and the Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE).

Funding I have played important roles in helping the High Performance Systems Group bring in are detailed in this list

More recently at the University of Southampton I have played important roles in helping bring in GBP 75k of funding for two JISC projects.

Roles have included project initiation, writing proposals, managing partner relationships etc.

I have worked on projects in collaboration with (amongst others): The IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre, IBM Hursley, The University of Newcastle, AWE, BT, HP, The National Business to Business Centre, The FireGrid coalition and JISC.

See the top of this webpage for some of these projects in the Chronological List of Positions and Projects section.

I have published 18 peer-reviewed papers- see below.

Programme Committee Membership and Reviewing Technical Papers

I am on the Programme Committee for:

I have reviewed ~10 technical papers submitted to (amongst others):
  • The UK e-Science AHM 2004
  • The IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering 2006
  • The International Workshop on Performance Modelling, Evaluation and Optimization of Parallel and Distributed Systems 2007

Organising Events
I have organised events including:

  • Easihe Assembly: Workshop on Higher Learning Skills and Good Feedback (University of Southampton 2010). (Workshop JISC write-up)
  • "Workshop with FEASST outcomes : Effective feedback and mobile technology" (University of Southampton 2009)
  • "Workshop on a Participatory Methodology for the Development of Design Patterns and Application to Formative e-Assessment" (University of Southampton, 2009)
  • The first University of Warwick Department of Computer Science Colloquium (which due to its success is now an annual event).
  • I also assisted in the organising of UKPEW 2003.

Contributions to International Standards
Whilst working at the IBM T.J.Watson Research Centre I was a member of a 5-person team assisting in IBM's contribution to the W3C XML Schema 1.0 standardisation process.

Professional Organisations
I am a member of the IEEE, and have acted as the local Warwick representative for the UK Association of Postdoctoral Researchers.

Education and IBM PhD Sponsorship
My BSC Honours (first class) and PhD in Computer Science were both obtained from the University of Warwick.

PhD supervisor: Prof. Stephen Jarvis

PhD Advisors: Prof. Graham Nudd and Dr. Daniel Spooner

PhD external examiner:: Dr Aad van Moorsel (University of Newcastle).

My PhD (completed February 2006) was fully funded by the EPSRC.

I received a personal grant of GBP 2,000 per year from IBM, as part of a Warwick-IBM Technical Collaboration Agreement, with Dr Robert Berry as a system performance contact (Vice President for the IBM Academy of Technology 2005-2007 serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa - an independent body within IBM consisting of IBM's leading technologists.)


I have given talks at numerous international and national events, as well as giving talks at high profile organisations.

List of events attended and talks given (pdf) (last updated April 2010)

Recent talks include:

  • 'Enhancing Business and University e-Infrastructures: How to Make System and User Decisions in a more Informed Manner', Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group seminar, School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, 23 November 2009
  • 'Formative eAssessment Co-Design Case Studies: The EASIHE Project', Intelligent and Adaptive Systems Research Group Seminar, University of Warwick Department of Computer Science, 5th February 2010
  • 'Lessons learned from project managing high volume e-assessment', Easihe Assembly: Workshop on Higher Learning Skills and Good Feedback, University of Southampton, 10th Feb. 2010
  • 'Resource Management of Enterprise Cloud Systems Using Layered Queuing and Historical Performance Models', The 9th International Workshop on Performance Modeling, Evaluation, and Optimization of Ubiquitous Computing and Networked Systems (PMEO-UCNS'2010) at 24th IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, April 23, 2010, ATLANTA (Georgia) USA.
  • 'Using Cloud Computing for Research: A National UK Technical Review including work on Performance Prediction Model- Model-Enhanced Cloud Management', Presentation at the IBM T.J. Watson Research centre, 28th April 2010

Recent Journal, Conference and Workshop Publications


Peer Reviewed

Recent Joint Information Systems Committee Reports and Guidelines

Complete List of 14 Older Peer-Reviewed Journal, Conference and Workshop Publications

(From before gap year)

List of 14 peer reviewed publications, excluding the most recent publications listed above

All authors work for University of Warwick except as noted.


University of Edinburgh

I was the course organiser and lecturer for the Operating Systems course in the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh (academic year 08/09).

On the OS course practical I gave software-assisted face-to-face eAssessment and feedback on the practical assignment. I also made mini feedback videos available for the practical via the course website. This was part of a broader interest in these approaches in the School of Informatics.

For my current research in eAssessment please see the University of Southampton EASiHE project (JISC).

Other Teaching

I have been doing teaching since 2001 for the University of Warwick Department of Computer Science and Warwick Manufacturing Group; as well as having done IT Training prior to this at Venners Computer Systems (training staff at a national retail company) and IBM Hursley.

I have taught/trained:

  • Warwick undergraduate students
  • Warwick MSc students
  • A Warwick PhD student in the High Performance Systems Group
  • Two students working for IBM
  • Members of staff at a national retail company (basic IT training only)

Including the following teaching/training activities:

  • Preparing the material for, and giving lectures
  • Training, advising and helping to guide the work of a PhD student;
  • Supervising group software engineering teams
  • Giving advice to students about their work
  • Helping students having difficulties with their work
  • Giving software-assisted face-to-face assessment and feedback sessions
  • Setting an end of year exam question
  • Marking
  • Peer-to-peer marking
  • Giving seminars
  • Running lab sessions
  • IT Training

Teaching the following subjects:

  • Programming (inc Procedural, Object-Oriented and Functional)
  • Software engineering (inc the Design process, team-based software development etc)
  • UML Modeling
  • XML programming
  • Web-based programming using Web Services and SOAs
  • Research and project methodology
  • New system architectures (inc Grid Computing/enterprise systems/on-demand systems/utility computing etc)
  • IBM Middleware for new system architectures (focusing on IBM Websphere and DB2)
  • Performance Monitoring, Analysis, Modelling and Enhancement
  • Miscellaneous IT skills as required

On the following courses (where applicable):

  • Programming for Computer Scientists (Warwick Department of Computer Science)
  • Introduction to Software Engineering (Warwick Department of Computer Science)
  • Functional Programming (Warwick Department of Computer Science)
  • PhD in Computer Science (Warwick Department of Computer Science)
  • Computer Programming (Warwick Manufacturing Group)