Eqiat QTI Authoring tool example screenshots

  1. opening screen

  2. Clicked "multiple choice"

  3. Filled in some values

  4. Pressed submit, a preview and some options are shown

  5. Used the preview, checked "none of the above" and submitted. It shows a score of 0 since that's wrong

  6. Clicked "download as XML"

  7. That XML opened in gvim

  8. Clicked "package the item"

  9. Filled in the metadata

  10. Pressed submit

  11. The content package opened in fileroller

  12. The manifest file opened in gvim

  13. The item list page (no links to it yet), which shows all the assessment items currently in memory (session data). This shows new, as-yet untitled items too, and any half-edited things

  14. EMI editing page

  15. ...with some extra options added -- they pop in with Javascript, it's quite nice

  16. Multiple response editing page

  17. Question matrix editing page