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I work with researchers in many disciplines to generate new research methods and outcomes, particularly through the codesign of new tools. My projects draw on Web 2.0, Semantic Web, workflow and scripting technologies, often working with large scale distributed systems - from sensor networks to repositories, as well as Grid, HPC and cloud computing. My approach is socio-technical and always promotes community, collaboration and empowerment of the researcher.

Current projects

CombeChem End-to-End pipeline for chemical information
e-Research South South East Regional e-Research Consortium
LifeGuide Development and evaluation of a Behavioural Intervention Grid
myExperiment A Virtual Research Environment for Collaboration and Sharing of Experiments
myGrid Supporting in silico experiments in biology
Taverna Tools for designing and executing workflows
NEMA Networked Environment for Music Analysis
OMII-UK Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute
Research 3 The Influence and Impact of Web 2.0 on e-Research Infrastructure, Applications and Users
SemsorGrid4Env Semantic sensor grids for rapid application development for environmental management

Past projects

  • Equator - Integration of Physical and Digital Interaction
  • AKT - Advanced Knowledge Technologies
  • CoAKTinG - Collaborative Advanced Knowledge Technologies in the Grid
  • EnviSense - The Next Wave Centre for Pervasive Computing in the Environment
  • Amorphous Computing - Engineering of emergent order