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I quite regularly seem to spend ages scouring the web to find a solution to a problem only to eventually find the answer is unbelievably simple if only I could find the page with that answer was on. Hopefully so that you can find the answer quicker or at least so I can find the answer quickly next time, I have posted these solutions up here.

  1. Setup a Printer on Windows (Internal Only)
  2. Setup a Printer on Linux (Internal Only)
  3. Setup the A0 Printer on Linux (Internal Only)
  4. B32 Tutorial Room Booking (Internal Only)
  5. Connecting to the ECS Staff VPN on Linux without using it as your Default Route (Internal Only)
  6. Installing LaTeX (and a nice GUI environment) on Windows
  7. Why can't I run executables via a PHP page
  8. Mounting a FAT16 USB Pen on Linux
  9. Running and using AllegroGraph's Sesame Server
  10. Commands to AllegrroGraph's Sesame Server
  11. SVN over SSH tunnel
  12. Upgrading VirtualBox kernel module after a kernel upgrade (Ubuntu 12.04)
  13. Ruby (on Rails) Tips

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