David R Newman

Updating CombeChem Publications List

  1. Edit the Endnote file as appropriate and save.
  2. Set export style as combechem_html and export as html format as <filename>.htm.
  3. Use same export style to export RTF format file as <filename>.rtf.
  4. Edit <filename>.htm as follows:
    1. Change <title> to CombeChem Publications List.
    2. Replace <A HREF with <a href and </A> with </a>.
    3. Replace <p> with </p><p class="citation">.
    4. Add a <p class="citation"> before first reference and remove the one after the last citation.
    5. Replace für with f&uuml;r.
    6. Replace – with &mdash;.
  5. Remove HTML and BODY tags and anything within the HEAD tags inclusive from <filename>.htm and save as <filename>.inc.
  6. Set export style to EndnoteExport and export to a text file <filename>.txt.
  7. Use endnlib.py at the command line as follows:
    • python endnlib.py -f <filename>.txt -o <filename>out.txt
  8. Create a new library in EndNote and import <filename>out.txt using EndNoteImport.
  9. Do the following edits in the new Endnote library:
    1. Remove extraneous blank entry. This blank reference you be at either the start of the end.
    2. Change – to — in the EU Expert Group reference.
    3. Change für to für. in the Gelbrich 2004 reference.
  10. Set export style for this new library as a slightly modified BibTexExport* and export to <filename>.bib, in text format. Make sure that Windows doesn't append a .txt to the end of this file.
  11. Upload .enl, .htm, .inc, .rtf and .bib files to a Linux box.
  12. On Linux take <filename>.htm and use the following command to produce ps file:
    • htmldoc --webpage -t ps1 <filename>.htm > <filename>.ps
  13. Take <filename>.htm again and use the following command to produce pdf file:
    • htmldoc --webpage -t pdf11 <filename>.htm > <filename>.pdf
  14. Upload the .enl, .rtf, .ps, .pdf, .bib files onto Pandora at /home/projects_www/combechem/htdocs/ and .inc file at /home/projects_www/combechem/htdocs/inc/.

*The linked file is a slightly modified version of Endnote9 BibTexExport style but will export URLs aswell. Endnote styles need to be copied into the style folder of the Endnote directory. You may want to rename this modified BibTexExport file to not writeover the original version.

Page written by David R Newman (drn[at]ecs.soton.ac.uk). Last updated October 13 2009 18:09:31.