PhD and MPhil Students


Completed 52

Name Number Degree and Title of Thesis Start Date End Date
Nuha M Alruwais 27129926  PhD: e-Assessment uptake in Saudi Arabia October 2014 March 2018
Madini Alassafi 27222845 PhD: Risk in Cloud Security August 2015 February 2018
Nooralisa Mohd Tuah 27281434 PhD: Anthropomorphic Computing in Gamification for Health. January 2015 January 2018
Nawfal Fadhel 22867538 PhD: Providance of Additive Manuafacturing June 2012 November 2017
Abdulrahman A Alharthi 27289168 PhD: Knowledge Management in Higher Education using cloud based computing October 2014 Novbember 2017
Fara Yahya 20710305 PhD: A Security Framework to Protect Data in Cloud Storage August 2014 Ocotober 2017
Alaa Abdullah  Almarshedi 25752308  PhD: Gamification for the Self-Management of Chronic-Illnesses January 2014 July 2017
Chaohai Ding 24155098 PhD: A Semantic Web Recommender system for  Accessible travel October 2012 June 2017
Fatmah Akeel 25781715 PhD: Security in DIS systems October 2012 April l2017
Omar Almutiry 25038443  PhD: Quality of Health Care Records June 2012 March 2017
Nouf Rashed M Alkhater 25894439  PhD: Commercial Organisational adoption of Cloud January 2013 March 2017
Vanissa Wanick 26480816  PhD: Cross-Culture Advergaming  October 2013 February 2017
Zeyad Sabah Aaber 25850415  PhD An Architecture for Active Secure Documents October 2013 January 2017
Eamonn Walls 25645765 PhD: The Relation between ICTs and Social Good in Southampton, UK October 2013 October 2016
Boonyarat Phadermrod 25825879  PhD: Mining Survey Data for SWOT Analysis October 2012 September 2016
James Baker 22592067  PhD: Emersion in Education Games October 2012 July 2016
Zyad Alreemy 25388843  PhD: IT Governance October 2012 June 2016
Hanan Alotaibi  23734914  PhD: Knowledge Management October 2012 June 2016
Andrew K Douglas 02176297 PhD: Norms in Web Service selection (part-time) October 2006 May 2016
Beatrice Aguti 24670219  PhD: A Model to Facilitate Effective Use of E‑learning within Traditional Universities October 2011 November 2015
Somjit Chaisriya 25080113  PhD: Game balance for Educational games October 2011 November 2015
Norhazlina Hamid 25188283  PhD: latency in Multi-core Multi-Cluster Computing October 2011 November 2015
Woraluck Wongse-Ek 23670495 PhD: Trust in e-learning systems July 2011 September 2015
James Stallwood 23497238  PhD: An Artificial Intelligence Framework for Feedback and Assessment Mechanisms in Simulations and Serious Games October 2012 August 2015
Abdulelah Alwabel 25032488 PhD: A fault-tolerant mechanism for desktop cloud systems July2011 August 2015
Ezzat H Alqurashi 24509442 PhD: The viable system model for information security governance April 2011 August 2015
Fadwa  Al Rowais 24453439 PhD: A framework for developing effective tools for dyslexic students in Saudi Arabia July 2011 June 2015
Nakarin Pinpathomrat 24449555  PhD: A model for uptake and continuous use of e-learning systems in Thailand February 2012 May 2015
Philip Dervan 26916193 PhD: Social Networking Theory and The Rise Of Digital Marketing In The Light Of Big Data Winchester School of Art May 2015
Russell Newman


PhD: Modelling Economic Bubbles: Is Web 2.0 Next? October 2010 May 2015
Abdulrahman Qahtani 24959898 PhD: Investigating software customisation across distributed boundaries July 2011 March 2015
Teresa Binks 21451567 PhD: Routing in intended learning outcome networks October 2010 December 2014
Yasmin D Jayasinghe 25115529 PhD: Factors effecting the introduction of Telemedicine in rural Sri Lanka March 2012 November 2014
Sulaiman A Alateyah 24975974 PhD: An integrated model for citizens to adopt e-government services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia June 2011 September 2014
Preecha Tangworakitthaworn 23844442 PhD: ILO Diagram: A novel conceptual model of intended learning outcomes October 2010 September 2014
Yunjia Li, 22153896 PhD: Media fragment semantics: the linked data approach October 2010 June  2014
Joshua Jeeson Daniel (Aeronautics) 21958815 PhD: Reuse of knowledge in costing aircraft design using link data October 2010 December 2013
Betty Purwandari 22906312 PhD: A model for assessing the impact of mobile web in developing countries October 2008 July 2013
Victor Chang 23689153 PhD: A model to analyse risk and return for a large computing system adoption (part-time) October 2009 November  2013
Mike Santer 23748516 PhD: A model for predicting the adaption of mobile internet in LEDCs October 2009 June 2013
Ani Liza Asnawi, 22718079 PhD: Agile software development in Malaysia January 2009 May 2012
Athitaya Nitchot 22388702 PhD: A Competence-Based System For Recommending Study Materials From The Web October 2008 March 2012
Niruwan Turnbull,  23321598 PhD: Barriers and Challenges to e-learning for Health Care professionals. (in Thailand) February 2009 June 2011
Roziana Ibrahim 22468633 PhD: A conceptual Framework for Supporting Gender Inclusivity in Games
May 2008 May 2010
Kikelomo M Apampa 22385657 PhD: Presence verification for summative e-assessments October 2007 December 2010
Yulita Hanum Iskandar  22411534 PhD: Pedagogical feedback in sports training October 2007 October 2010
Alex J Frazer 02156962 PhD: Towards Better Gameplay in Educational Computer Games October 2006 October 2010

Nicholas Reed


EngD: Development and Evaluation of a Design Support System

October 2006

July 2010

Noura Abbas


PhD: Agile software development

October 2006

March 2010

Tai-Tuck Yu


PhD: A comparison of Agent-based and Traditional Discrete-event Modelling

October 2004

July 2008

Thanyalak Maneewatthana


PhD: Contextual Annotation Framework using Ontology-Based Contextual Annotation Service

October 2003

September 2007

Panchit Longpradit


PhD: Inquiry-led Personalised Navigation System

October 2002

September 2006

Di Shi 20638469 MPhil: Supporting the Engineering Design Process with Semantic Web Technology October 2004 June 2009
Matthew Stenning 21270961 MPhil (part-time): Design of a Human Computer Interface for Serial Neurological Examination in Patients with Spinal Injuries October 2004 June 2009
Roswitha Vita Hinze-Hoare 20265182 MPhil (part-time): Computer Supported Collaborative Research October 2006 May 2009


Current PhD/MPhil Candidates: 25

Name Number Degree and Title of Thesis   Start Date Status
Amanda Jane  Haylett 26528339  EngD transport advisor Primary-tjc
October 2013 Writing up
(1st year taught)
Pauline Morgan,   25888331  Gamification in Nursing (part-time) Primary-gbw
Second-mary Gobbi
September 2012  External Identified
Prins Adeel Butt 02176599 Serious Games (Part-time)   October 2007 writing up
Ahmed Nammas Albugmi 28113233  Cloud Management Systems Primary-rjw
June 2015 Submitted
Amal Alkhlewi 25750968  Government Clouds Primary-rjw
January 2013 Submitted
Ibrahem Abdullah Almansour 24593265 Cost function for electric cars Primary-eg
January 2014 Writting up
Sasithorn   Mongkolsripattana 27270823  Learning material for people with a disability Primary-gbw
January 2015 Data colection
Watthanasak   Jeamwatthanachai 27335798  Navigational system for people with a visual impairment. Primary-gbw
November 2015 data Collection
Nurul Huda  Nik Zulkipli 27487768   Forensics for the Internet of Things Primary-gbw
May 2015 data collection
Someah  Alangari 25453211  e-assessment Primary-mw
June 2015 Data collection
Ghada Gashgari 27433595  Governance in IT Security Primary-rjw
September 2015 Data Collection
Christopher   Buckingham 25086545  Crowd Funding Primary-Ashok
September 2015 WSA rules: Data collection
Marialena  Zinopoulou, 28164121  IoT in the classroom Primary-gbw
September 2015 Data Collection
Hany Fathy  Atlam 27936252  Risk Based Access control Primary-gbw
January 2016 Final Experiment
Mashael Mohammed  Asiri 25768522  Digital Story Telling for Arabic speaking children 8-11 years old Primary-gbw
January 2016 Data collection
Ahmed Alenezi 28235894  Cloud Forensic Primary-rjw
February 2016 Data collection
Yi-Chin (Noreena)  Liu,   28240006 Social Games for carers of people with Dementia Primary-Ashok
February 2016 WSA rules: Data colection
Asma Alqahtani 26959402  Primary Care Physicians acceptance of EHR Primary-gbw
September 2015 Data Collection
Aneesha Sethi   27076911  Visualisation of information for conduction security analysis. Primary-gbw
November 2015 Data collection
Fatimah Almarshad 28909291 Information Assurance fro Medical organisations in KSA Primary-gbw September 2016  
Rio Guntur  Utomo 28169646  National Information Assurance Scheme for e-Government in Indonesia Primary-rjw
September 2016 Upgrade Viva
Abdullah  Ibrahim A  Alzahrani, 28747631 Gamification for students acceptance of e-learning in KSA Primary-rjw
September 2016 Upgrade Viva
Raid Khalid  Hussein 27141446  Cloud Security (Virtual machines) Primary-gbw
July 2015  
David Ralph 26203073 machine learning (Case Award)

Primary-Nic Green

September 2017 9 month retport
Wiwat Sriphum 29700957  machine learning Primary-Nic Green
September 2017 9 month report