Dr Gareth Hughes

IAM: 4

Research Fellow in the Intelligence Agents Multimedia Group. My PhD was in developing a contextual open hypermedia link service. I am a senior researcher in the Combechem project investigating semantic smart laboratories. My official home page includes a list of my publications.

My photo collections. The greatest hits are worth seeing.

My recent professional life comprises (reverse order)

Smarttea, part of Combechem

Smart Tea is about improving the information environment for chemists doing chemistry - within and beyond the lab. We have developed an innovative human-centred system which captures the process of a chemistry experiment from plan to execution. The system comprises an electronic lab book replacement, which has been successfully trialled in a synthetic organic chemistry laboratory, and a flexible back-end storage system. The storage system is based on Semantic Web technologies, such as RDF, and Web Services. It gives a much higher degree of flexibility to the type of metadata it can store, compared to the use of rigid relational databases.
Key paper: Breaking the Book: Translating the Chemistry Lab Book into a Pervasive Computing Lab Environment
[March 2003 - Present Day]

Knowledge Capture, Sharing and Reuse

A huge EPSRC project with Sheffield, Cambridge, BAE Systems and Rolls Royce Aerospace to help designers cope with the massive problems they face in documenting their ideas and finding expertise across the enterprise. We at Southampton have produced two Expertise Finder systems.
Key paper: Approaches to Locating Expertise using Corporate Knowledge
[March 2000 - March 2003]


An Open Hypermedia Link Service Architecture Supporting Multiple Context Models
Read the abstract or download my thesis.
[My PhD has been part time]


A pilot study to put a third of the archive of Alan Turing online. I extended the original database design and wrote the first generation of Php code for talking to DB2.
Key paper: Digitising the Turing Archive: A Pilot Study
[January - March 2000]

The AIMS Project

AIMS (Academic Information Management System) is an archiving system that takes documents produced for printing and makes them available on the Web with the minimum of effort for authors. There is no need to manually convert documents to HTML. This simple to use system enables document authors to become Web document producers with little effort. The system uses sophisticated linking technology to cross reference the documents. Uses Lotus Domino with code written in LotusScript, Perl, Java. Formed the inspiration for my PhD.
Report: Internal Report
[January 1997 - December 1999]

TLTP History Project

Writing a new front end to Microcosm in Visual Basic with snippets of C. I was in the middle of a large project writing History applications running on Microcosm. An utter nightmare of in-fighting and bureaucracy amongst historians.
[October 1994 - December 1996]

And before that...

I graduated from Surrey with a Physics degree in '94 and have been a member of research staff in IAM ever since.

Gareth Hughes,
Intelligence Agents Multimedia,
Electronics & Computer Science,
University of Southampton.
Highfield, Southampton, UK. SO17 1BJ
Telephone: (023) 8059 4059
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