Re: AMERICAN-SCIENTIST-OPEN-ACCESS-FORUM Digest - 9 Jun 2008 to 10 Jun 2008 (#2008-106)

From: Andrew A. Adams <a.a.adams_at_READING.AC.UK>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 07:11:16 +0100

Bill Hubbard wrote:
> > It is a pity that such an article has appeared in the Times Higher, as
> > the circulation that it will receive probably means that we will have to
> > once more reassure academics within our own institutions that open
> > access does not mean the death of peer-review.

It's not as good as not publishing such nonsense in the first place but the
THE has confirmed they'll be publishing my letter (which I sent to this list
last Thursday evening) under the title "Open access does not threaten peer
review". From the placement of the draft I was sent it would appear to be the
lead letter.

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