83rd Green Open Access Self-Archiving Mandate: University of Pretoria

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             OA Self-Archiving Policy: University of Pretoria 

Full list of institutions



  Institution's/Department's OA Eprint Archives

https://www.up.ac.za/dspace/ http://upetd.up.ac.za/

  Institution's/Department's OA Self-Archiving Policy

To assist the University of Pretoria in providing open access to
scholarly articles resulting from research done at the University,
supported by public funding, staff and students are required to:
      -- submit peer-reviewed postprints* + the metadata of
      their articles to UPSpace, the University?s institutional
      repository, AND
      -- give the University permission to make the content
      freely available and to take necessary steps to preserve
      files in perpetuity.

Postprints are to be submitted immediately upon acceptance for

The University of Pretoria requires its researchers to comply with
the policies of research funders such as the Wellcome Trust with
regard to open access archiving. Postprints of these articles are not
excluded from the UP mandate and should first be submitted as
described in (1). Information on funders' policies is available

Access to the full text of articles will be subject to publisher
permissions. Access will not be provided if permission is in doubt or
not available. In such cases, an abstract will be made available for
external internet searches to achieve maximum research visibility.
Access to the full text will be suppressed for a period if such an
embargo is prescribed by the publisher or funder.

The Open Scholarship Office will take responsibility for Adhering to
archiving policies of publishers and research funders, and managing
the system's embargo facility to delay public visibility to meet
their requirements.

The University of Pretoria strongly recommends that transfer of
copyright be avoided. Researchers are encouraged to negotiate
copyright terms with publishers when the publisher does not allow
archiving, reuse and sharing. This can be done by adding the official
UP author addendum to a publishing contract.

The University of Pretoria encourages its authors to publish their
research articles in open access journals that are accredited.

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