Against Squandering Scarce Library Funds on Pre-Emptive Gold OA Without First Mandating Green OA

From: Stevan Harnad <amsciforum_at_GMAIL.COM>
Date: Tue, 26 May 2009 13:31:56 -0400

It is beyond my powers of comprehension to fathom why Cornell
University would want to throw $50K of scarce library funds at
funding Gold OA publication (for at most 0.1% of Cornell's annual
journal article output) without first mandating Green OA (for the
remaining 99.9% of Cornell's annual journal article output) at no
cost at all.
(Yes, $50K is a pittance compared to $18M library budget, but wasn't
this supposed to be about providing OA to Cornell's research output?)

Stevan Harnad
American Scientist Open Access Forum

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