Re: Submission Fees (was: RE: "Overlay Journals" Over Again...)

From: David Prosser <david.prosser_at_BODLEY.OX.AC.UK>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 2009 13:55:55 +0100

OUP has taken the proportion of OA content in it's journals into account
when setting prices. For 2009 prices see:


David Prosser
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Heather Morrison:
> If 10% of last year's revenue
> stream is coming from publication charges, prices should be decreased
> by 10%. OR, libraries and others such as funding agencies,
> departments, etc., should not support the publication charges.

While I have seen publishers claim that OA uptake is "very low" or
similar, I have not seen any figures -- does anyone know of a hybrid
model where the %OA uptake has been quantified? Does anyone know of a
hybrid publisher who has explicitly adjusted their subscription prices
in accordance with OA uptake?

The numbers may prove useful, because libraries etc who are going to
refuse to support hybrid charges at popular journals will have to deal
with unhappy faculty, and perhaps the best way to defuse that situation
is to have actual data to hand showing %OA uptake and the absence of any
proportional subscription adjustment. Even monkeys have been shown to
have an innate sense of fairness...

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