Re: Against Promoting Pre-Emptive Gold OA Payment Before Mandating Green OA Provision

From: Andrew A. Adams <aaa_at_MEIJI.AC.JP>
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010 10:45:29 +0900

Stevan asks:

"I wonder if it is a good idea for Open Access forums to become
the publicity vehicles for commercial deals?"

I think it is useful to have these deals announced on the lists for the same
reason Stevan worries. When these deals are announced, they can be welcomed
if the research institution in question already mandates deposit, and if not
they can be criticised and encouraged to adopt a mandate. It's tiresome to
have to do it, but it does seem that repetition of the "Green First, then
talk about Gold" mantra is necessary if we're to speed the achievement of OA,
and the announcement of these deals on AO fora provides that opportunity.

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