Re: Astrology

From: O'Neill, Sean (
Date: Fri Feb 24 1995 - 12:07:50 GMT

Jules> It becomes obvious though that focussing on horoscopes tailored for
Jules> approximately one twelfth of the population is only clouding the more
Jules> important questions that surround astrology.

Just a quick response to that last bit, Jules. In my opinion there
aren't any important questions that surround astrology. Good grief.
The possiblity that the position of planets affect a person,
their personality, and their future is completely and utterly
rubbish and I apologise if I sound like I am mocking what I
don't understand. If it is rubbish then I'm right to say so.
If it isn't rubbish then blame the planets for my lack of
belief, not me.

For one thing. How can the stars tell me how the interactions with my
friends will go without knowing the starsigns of my friends which will
surely affect how they react to me.

Jules mentioned specific individual readings. The power of a reading
taken from your specific birthdate is simply due to it's increased
power to produce self-fulfilling prophecies on the person who pays for
them, for surely the kind of person who would pay money to get their
own reading done are already "believers" and would happily believe
anything they're told rather than think they've wasted their money or
their faith.

It's all one big crock of (fill in your prefered expletive).

Is there some-one out there who believes it? If you are out there then
write and set me straight.

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