Re: Astrology

From: Humphreys, Juliet (
Date: Fri Feb 24 1995 - 12:48:02 GMT

In response to Sean's explicit reply, here goes.

I did not say that the planets affected the way we are, necessarily,
they may just reflect the way we are. There is a difference. This is
more philosophy than psychology, but I don't see how it can be
dismissed out of hand in such a flippant manner.

Astrology is not about who you are going to talk to today, for example,
but about the far-reaching major occurences in life. The argument of
there only being anecdotal evidence on this type of thing goes both
wats. Are there comprehensive scientific experiments that disprove the
validity of astrology? I think not. It would have been big news.

So, Sean, don't be so pigheaded. A person could get offended.....

See you, Jules.

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