Re: Astrology

From: Davies, Charlotte (
Date: Fri Feb 24 1995 - 15:28:41 GMT

Ok, just to deviate away from the area of therapy and once again focus
on the highly popular topic of astrology. Being an old time avid
beliver in horoscopes being convinced of the fact that I was the most
typical taurean in the world (along with Craig !), I was pretty shocked
to read numerous studies focusing on this area (I've got loads of
references if your interested !!!!!!!!!) only to find that astrology
has received very few positive outcomes; those it has recieved
concentrating in the area of extroversion and introversion (positive
signs being significantly more extroverted than negative signs)
neurotisism and femininity. However all other results indicate that
astrology is the biggest pile of pants ever studied ! this includes a
look at professional astrologers profiles taking into account exact
time and place of birth, ascending and decending planets.

After reading all this I have found myself more on the opposing side of
astrology, to join our Sean.

What we have got to ask now is why do people believe so religiously in
their stars ? Could it really be the Hermeneutic circle explanation ?
Don't people chop and change their "circles" so as to fit in with their
present train of thought rather than remaining in one in a dogma like

If anyone out there has any ideas / strong opinions on why people
believe in their star signs, I would REALLY love to here them.

Thats all for now loads of love Charlie

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