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From: O'Neill, Sean (
Date: Thu Mar 16 1995 - 14:10:10 GMT

> sean!
> In the words of none other than Isaac Newton when hearing
> another scoff at astrology " I, sir, have studied it; you
> plainly have not"

Oh dear, (as in "oh no", not "oh beloved")

I had hoped that I wouldn't be dragged back into this
particularly important debate (can you sense the subtle
irony there) but since I have been challenged honour
demands that I defend my position.

Firstly, I don't think, though I my well be mistaken, that
Isaac Newton ever blunted his quill with any writings or
comments on astrology. AstroNOMY yes, astroLOGY, no.

> Astrology "works" because of the set up of electro-magnetic
> waves at the moment of birth and beyond.

Hmmm. Let's not forget the inverse square law, here.

>The moon causes
> all sheep to menstruate at the same time,

Not a baa'd idea (Sorry).

> the tides to move
> on earth, the subatomic polarisations in indivuals get a
> particular signature at a particular time (I guess).

Of course the moon has a great effect on the evolution of
the planet, perhaps even gave it licence. It's
gravitational effect cannot be denied, nor can it's causal
relationship with the tides. Also, as everyone will
know, it is not only the menstruation of sheep that the
moon has effected. It has also had it's hand in the
menstruation of human females, metaphorically speaking.
These are all obvious physical effects.
> I have consistently read all the horoscopes in all the
> papers over a period of some ten years and have found a
> certain correlation.

You can fit a horoscope to any event you like, Polonius

> When something important is
> happening the readings all say something, sometimes all the
> same thing, sometimes different things.

So you have just said that the horoscopes say all sorts of
different things at the same time. Hmmm. Not the greatest
support for your claims, I fancy. Not that I fancy them,
you understand.

> When nothing is
> happening they tend to say nothing of importance.

When nothing is happening in your life you don't try to
make any links between your life and the horrorscopes.

> When I
> was applying to come here one horoscope said I would
> receive a contract from Southampton!!!!

That is strange. Mayhap you're a close friend of Mystic

> The problem in terms of research is that one would have to
> follow the lives of several individuals in minute detail.

Yes, and with them being completely unaware of what their
stars were, to avoid the obvious self-fulfilling prophecy.

> I can't be bothered. However in my researches I have found
> that generally speaking there is something in it,

Yes, but it's brown and mushy, and you wouldn't want to
introduce it to you parents.

>but sometimes the messages are a bit vague.

About as vague as parents who were just asked by their five
year old child "Where did I come from?".

> I do not run my
> life according to horoscopes however, you'll be pleased to
> hear.


> By the way, glad you liked my tape!!!

No worries. S'good stuff!

> Rob


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