Re: Psychotherapy

From: Thompson, Fiona (
Date: Fri Jun 02 1995 - 17:25:05 BST

Can you clarify for me what the hermuneutic circle is? Is it the
notion that psychotherapy is circular in its reasoning so that the
psychotherapist may give a reason for someones behaviour that has not
been explained itself. Given this reasoning is it true therefore to
asume that the reason psychotherapy is effective is because the
client believes it is so and this is therefore why the parallels with
the placebo effect have been drawn?

Also whilist on this topic I am unsure how the peer review research
fits in and relates to psychotherapy. Is it to do with the notion as
with psychotherapy frequently scientists do not look at things
objectively and are influence by what is considered by culture,
society to be the right thing to believe, ie therapy is trendy.

When I was reading the Peters and Ceci article, not being a great
mathematician I was unclear on what they called the regression
effect. They gave this as one of their reasons why the second time
round only one out of the nine journals was accepted.

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