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From: Whitehouse Chantal (
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 14:27:34 BST

Hi Stevan,

Can I ask you about a couple of the Schyns commentaries this time?

First the commentry by Latimer, C. R. Could you please explain the

>Whether or not the property of symmetry is captured or derivable
>from a pixel-based decomposition depends entirely on how the
>decomposition and its attributes are defined. For some
>decompositions and their attributes (Gibson's 1969 graphemic
>analysis which does not specify locations of parts within
>characters) symmetry will not be derivable directly from the parts.
>For other decompositions and their attributes, (Latimer, Joung &
>Stevens, 1994; Sejnowski, Kinker & Hinton, 1986) symmetry will be

At the end of his commentary he writes,

>the flexibility proposed by the authors may lie in the ability of
>the brain to adopt efficient and context-sensitive decompositions
>rather than attempting to create or derive features from a fixed
>decomposition .

What does he mean by "efficient and context-sensitive
decompositions" ?

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