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From: Whitehouse Chantal (
Date: Wed Apr 29 1998 - 14:27:34 BST

About was the commentary on Schyns et al. by Braisby. Towards the end
(paragraphs 6, 7 & 8) he starts talking about "pragmatic factors",

>conceptual flexibility needs explication via constraints on
>acceptable inductions (i.e., combinations of features)2 and we
>suggest that this can be achieved by pragmatic factors which guide
>the appropriate combination of fixed features.

>the classifications supported by a fixed set of conceptual (or
>semantic) features can be augmented by pragmatically-motivated
>operations upon that set. Whether categorisation exploits semantic
>.or pragmatically derived attributes will therefore depend upon the
>task, context and the kind of object involved.

>Pragmatic factors also explain findings that Schyns et al. take to
>undermine fixed features.

What exactly are these pragmatic factors?

On final question I wanted to ask was, to get a good mark on the exam
is it enough to have read the target article, commentaries, and
skywriting and incorporate these with your own thoughts to produce an
answer? Or is it necessary to read extra references (e.g. those
referenced in the target article)?

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