Mazur Comm denenberg

From: Parish Kevin (
Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 14:57:56 BST

Not a lot to say. This is a critique of the statistical methods used
more than the research itself. However, if we are going to use
statistical tests for data then when there is a significant result is
found other s should not then use this as a means of attacking
other's work.

The only real point to be made is that of the effects of social
interaction of mice reared by an 'aunt' although fed by their natural
mother where there is a reduction in non-sibling male fighting in
this group when compared to the control group (entirely reared by
their natural mother). this is however another's work. As for the
same behaviour being noted in humans I would suggest that perhaps
this behaviour is further marked in humans due to the (probable)
advantage in communication and language skills that humans possess
over other animal species and our seemingly more complex society.

Humans might illustrate this in terms of the type of upbringing. For
example one type of dominance behaaviour as the owning of fast cars,
large houses vs. a more disadvantaged upbringing where dominating
behaviour involves beating someone to a pulp outside the pub.

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