From: Chatwin Judy (
Date: Wed May 13 1998 - 08:40:15 BST

I have been carefully reading the Mealey paper on the sociobiology of
sociopathy and really do feel that I am lacking a whole wealth of
knowledge on some key issues.

I am unclear as to the meanings of 'phenotype' and 'genotype'.
I have referred to The Selfish Gene and have determined that
'phenotype' refers to the effects that a gene has on a body which may
present itself in more than one manifestation i.e. green eyes and curly
hair, but I am still unclear with regard to 'genotype'. Can you help?

I also feel I need a 'kid sib' explanation for the Cheater's strategy.
Once again I have looked through Dawkins' explanation but I feel I have
not quite grasped it. I understand that cheaters mimic the behaviour of
others in order to reap the benefits without having to invest anything
themselves but I do not understand 'His average pay-off is better than
the average for a sucker' (p184).

Please could you also clarify what is meant by 'frequency-dependent

I am sure that these are all basic terms which are obvious to many but
I feel that that there is a gap between my knowledge and what the paper
is saying. I am sending this from home, so please forgive me if these
questions have already been asked/answered by someone else - I haven't
read my e-mail at university since Monday.


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