Re: Odlyzko's Response to Fuller

From: Paul Ginsparg (
Date: Mon May 15 1995 - 01:49:55 BST

> I don't think we can put much hope in learned societies subsidizing
> publications out of membership fees. The arithmetic just does not
> work out. To consider just mathematics, the present system of
> research journals costs around $200M per year (in subscriber charges
> alone, which is what is relevant here). Even if we cut present
> publishing costs by 90%, we still have to raise $20M per year.

Not sure I understand -- "subsidize" as opposed to "support" would only
mean partial, and you seem to be leaving out the possibility of author
page charges. Can you redo the calculation to determine what page
charges would be necessary, and then based on the average number of
pages per researcher the likely amount each researcher would have to

Paul Ginsparg

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