Animal Sentience: An Interdisciplinary Journal on Animal Feeling

Target Article:     Key, Brian  (2016)  Why fish do not feel pain  Animal Sentience 2016.3
Commentaries I (14 Commentaries + Response I)
Balcombe, Jonathan  (2016)  Cognitive evidence of fish sentience  Animal Sentience 2016.X
Braithwaite, Victoria A.  (2016)  Why human pain can’t tell us whether fish feel pain Animal Sentience 2016.X
Broom, Donald M.  (2016)  Fish brains and behaviour indicate capacity for feeling pain Animal Sentience 2016.X
Brown, Culum  (2016)  Comparative evolutionary approach to pain perception in fishes Animal Sentience 2016.X
Chella, Antonio  (2016)  Robot fish do not need sentience Animal Sentience 2016.X
Dinets, Vladimir  (2016)  No cortex, no cry   Animal Sentience 2016.X     
Haikonen, Pentti O.  (2016)  On the sentience of fish Animal Sentience 2016.X
Hart, Paul J.B.   (2016)  Fighting forms of expression Animal Sentience 2016.X
Jones, Robert C.  (2016)  Fish sentience and the precautionary principle Animal Sentience 2016.X 
Manzotti, Riccardo  (2016)  No evidence that pain is painful neural process Animal Sentience 2016.X
Mather, Jennifer A.  (2016)  An invertebrate perspective on pain Animal Sentience 2016.X    
Ng, Yew-Kwang  (2016)  Could fish feel pain? A wider perspective  Animal Sentience 2016.X     
Seth, Anil K.   (2016)  Why fish pain cannot and should not be ruled out Animal Sentience 2016.X
Striedter, Georg  (2016)  Lack of neocortex does not imply fish cannot feel pain  Animal Sentience 2016.X
Key Response I:    Key, Brian  (2016)  Going beyond just-so stories  Animal Sentience 2016.X  (14 commentaries)
Commentaries II    (16 commentaries + Response II)
Baluška, František  (2016)  Should fish feel pain? A plant perspective Animal Sentience 2016.X
Burghardt, Gordon  (2016)  Critical anthropomorphism Animal Sentience 2016.X
Derbyshire, Stuart WG   (2016)  Fish lack the brains and the psychology for pain Animal Sentience 2016.X
Elwood, Robert W.   (2016)  A single strand of argument with unfounded conclusion  Animal Sentience 2016.X 
Gagliano, Monica  (2016)  What would the Babel Fish say?  Animal Sentience 2016.X
Godfrey-Smith, Peter  (2016)  Pain in parallel Animal Sentience 2016.X       
Gonçalves-de-Freitas, Eliane  (2016)  Pain and fish welfare Animal Sentience 2016.X
Merker, Bjorn  (2016)  Drawing the line on pain  Animal Sentience 2016.X     
Panksepp, Jaak  (2016)  Brain processes for “good” and “bad” feelings:How far back in evolution?  Animal Sentience 2016.X     
Rose, James D.  (2016)  Pain in fish: weighing the evidence Animal Sentience 2016.X  
Segner, Helmut  (2016)  Why babies do not feel pain, or: How structure-derived functional interpretations can go wrong Animal Sentience 2016.X
Shriver, Adam J.   (2016)  Cortex necessary for pain - but not in sense that matters  Animal Sentience 2016.X   
Sneddon, Lynne U.  (2016)  Anthropomorphic denial of fish pain  Animal Sentience 2016.X
Stevens, Don  (2016)  Why is fish “feeling” pain controversial? Animal Sentience 2016.X
Van Rysewyk, Simon  (2016)  Nonverbal indicators of pain  Animal Sentience 2016.X  
Wadiwel, Dinesh  (2016)  Fish and pain: The politics of doubt Animal Sentience 2016.X  

Key Response II:   Key, Brian
  (2016)  Falsifying the null hypothesis that “fish do not feel pain" Animal Sentience 2016.X (16 commentaries)
Commentaries III   (6 commentaries)
Brown, Culum  (2016)  Fish pain: an inconvenient truth Animal Sentience 2016.X
Devor, Marchall (2016) Where is pain in the brain? Animal Sentience 2016.X
Damasio, Antonio & Damasio, Hanna  (2016)  Pain and other feelings in animals Animal Sentience 2016.X
Diggles, Ben K  (2016)  Fish Pain: Would it change current best practice in the real world? Animal Sentience 2016.X
Edelman, David  (2016)  Leaving the door open for fish pain: Evolutionary convergence and the utility of ‘just-so stories’ Animal Sentience 2016.X
Walters, Edgar T.  (2016) Pain-capable neural substrates may be widely available in the animal kingdom  Animal Sentience 2016.X