Institution OAI Archive Growth

Growth in number of papers openly accessible in OAI Archives (1,300,000+)

Growth in number of OAI Archives (140+)
(but average number of papers per Archive needs to grow faster!)

The subset (about half of all current OAI Archives, 70/140) illustrating growth in institutions’ self-archived research output

New Archives per month
(minus 3 pre-OAI legacy Archives)

Growth of papers in Archives (8000+)

Growth in number of Archives (c. 70) (but again, average number of papers per Archive needs to grow faster!)

Where the work needs to be done to make accelerate growth per Archive:
These curves must become convex upward: institutional self-archiving policies needed

Universities (and their research funders) need to adopt a systematic policy to self-archive all their refereed research output

Useful links for accelerating self-archiving: institutional self-archiving policy, online-CV, reference-linking, research impact assessment

(1) Draft institutional policy for the self-archiving of all research output (preprint and postprint)

(2) Proposal for a UK national policy of institutional self-archiving of all refereed research output for research assessment

(3) Template and demo for a standardized institutional online-CV with harvestable performance indicators and links to the institutional Eprint Archive

(4) Citebase: A scientometric and webmetric search engine that can calculate traditional and new measures of research impact, and Paracite, a tool for finding and linking citations on the web

(5) The benefits of maximising research impact by maximising research access

(6) The central role of reciprocity in open access: “Self-archive unto others as ye would have them self-archive unto you.”

(7) The proportion of journals formally supporting self-archiving (already 50%) continues to grow

(8) The BOAI Self-Archiving FAQ