“This Report recommends that all UK higher education institutions
establish institutional repositories on which their published output
can be stored and from which it can be read, free of charge, online.

“It also recommends that Research Councils and other Government
Funders mandate their funded researchers to deposit a copy of all 
of their articles in this way.

[The Report also recommends funding to encourage further experimentation with the “author pays” OA journal publishing model.]
UK House of Commons Science and Technology Committee
Recommendation to Mandate Institutional Self-Archiving
“The Committee… recommends NIH develop a policy… requiring
that a complete electronic copy of any manuscript reporting
work supported by NIH grants.. be provided to PMC upon
acceptance… for publication… [and made] freely and
continuously available six months after publication, or
immediately [if]… publication costs are paid with NIH grant funds.
US House of Representatives Appropriations Committee
Recommendation that the NIH should mandate self-archiving
(since passed by both House and Senate, then weakened by NIH to “encourage” rather than require, and within 12 months rather
 than 6; publication-charge rider dropped; delay/embargo period up to author; encouraged to self-archive as soon as possible)
[underlining and color added to flag important and problematic portions]