Registry of
Institutional Open Access Provision Policies
¥Universities and research institutions who officially commit themselves to implementing the Berlin Declaration by adopting a systematic institutional self-archiving policy for their own peer-reviewed research output are invited to describe their policy in this Registry so that other institutions can follow their example. Self-archive unto others as ye would have them self-archive unto youÉ
¥Institution                                               OA Archive(s)                                                 OA Policy
¥Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS, France                                                    Policy
¥Institut Nat. de la Rech. Agronomique (INRA), France                       Policy
¥Institute for Science Networking Oldenburg      Policy 
¥Queensland Univ. Technology, Brisbane, Australia                                     Policy
¥Rajiv Gandhi Center for Biotechnology                  Policy
¥Southampton Univ. Electronics/Computer Science                              Policy 
¥Universidade do Minho, Portugal                                       Policy          
¥Universitaet Hamburg, Germany     Policy
¥University of Southamptpon, UK                                          Policy