What is needed for open access now:
1.Universities: Adopt a university-wide policy of making all university research output open access (via either the gold or green strategy)

2.Departments: Create and fill departmental OAI-compliant open-access archives

3.University Libraries: Provide digital library support for research self-archiving and open-access archive-maintenance. Redirect 1/3 of any eventual toll-savings to cover open-access journal peer-review service charges

4.Promotion Committees: Require a standardized online CV from all candidates, with refereed publications all linked to their full-texts in the open-access journal archives  and/or departmental open-access archives

5.Research Funders: Mandate open access for all funded research (via either the gold or green strategy). Fund (fixed, fair) open-access journal peer-review service charges. Assess research  and researcher impact online (from the online CVs).

6.Publishers: Become either open-access or green.