To Maximize Research Impact:
Research Funders:
1.Mandate open access for all funded research (by a specified date) via the gold or green strategies
2.Fund open-access journal charges

Research Institutions:
1.Mandate open access for all research output via the gold or green strategies
2.Libraries redirect 1/3 of any eventual toll-cancellation savings toward funding open-access journal charges


1.Authors must either find an open-access (gold) journal or a green journal to publish in.

2. White publishers will turn green.

3. Eventually green publishers might turn gold, but in the meanwhile:

4. Open-access itself increases to 100%.

5. Eventually toll-cancellation savings might increase to 100%

6.  If so, then 1/3 of the growing institutional windfall toll-cancellation savings can pay for all institutional gold journal publication charges (peer review)