Are Chemical Journals Too Expensive and Inaccessible?



A Workshop Organized by the Chemical Sciences Roundtable
National Research Council




The National Academies
2101 Constitution Avenue, NW

Washington, DC






Monday and Tuesday

October 25th & 26th, 2004





This workshop, part of the Chemical Sciences Roundtable (CSR) activity, will provide a forum to discuss the publication of chemistry journals within the larger context of scientific, technical, and medical (STM) journal publishing . Issues relevant to the different stakeholders from academe, industry, and government will be addressed: Are the needs of users of chemical information being met? How are librarians responding to changes in STM publishing? What are the economics of publishing chemical journals, and is the increasing cost of subscriptions presenting obstacles to carrying out research in chemistry and chemical engineering? As part of this activity, the unique scientific journal needs of chemists and chemical engineers and the new approaches for addressing those needs (including “open access”) will be explored.



Monday, October 25th, 2004


7:00           Registration and Breakfast


8:00           Introduction and Opening Remarks

Dr. Ned Heindel, Lehigh University


8:15            Session I: Context and Overview

The keynote address will discuss the historical context of chemical journals, current publishing models, and future directions of the chemical publishing realm.


                        Keynote Address-Arnold Thackray, President of the Chemical Heritage Foundation


9:15            Session II: What are the Unique Scientific Journal Needs of Chemists and Chemical Engineers?

In this session panelists will address the unique publishing needs of chemists and chemical engineers, roles of authors, professional societies, private publishers, and librarians in the realm of chemical science and engineering journal publishing.


9:20           Overview Presentation- Dr. Robert Bovenschulte, President, ACS Publishing Division


10:05         Comments/Presentations by Panel Participants

·              Dr. Christopher Reed, UC Riverside

·              Dr. Patrick Jackson –Publishing Director, Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Elsevier

·              Andrea Twiss-Brooks, Chemistry Librarian, University of Chicago           


11:05        Break


11:20         Discussion of Issues by Panel and Workshop participants


12:00        Lunch


1:00            Session III: Are Chemists and Chemical Engineers Receiving Needed Access to Chemical Journals?

In this session the rising costs of scientific, technical, and medical journals, the high price of chemistry journals in particular, and their impact will be discussed. Also, the accessibility of chemical science and engineering journals from the perspectives of a panel comprised of large research oriented universities, small universities, and industrial and university librarians will be explored.

Dr. Charles Casey, Presiding


1:05           Overview Presentation- TBA


1:50            Comments/Presentations by Panel Participants

·              LouAnn DiNallo-Industrial Librarian, Bristol Myers-Squibb

·              Dr. Michael Doyle-University of Maryland

2:30            Break


2:45            Session III (cont’d)

·              Dr. Stephen Berry, University of Chicago

·              Brian Simboli, Lehigh University

·              Dr. Peter Gregory, The Royal Society of Chemistry


3:45          Discussion of Issues by Panel and Workshop participants


4:15            Reception


5:30            Dinner Speaker- Dr. Stevan Harnad, University of Quebec, Montreal


Tuesday, October 26th , 2004


8:00            Session IV:What New Approaches Can Be Made to Address Chemical Science and Engineering Journal Needs?

In this session, alternative models to the traditional publishing methods will be discussed. Topics such as open access, digital archiving, electronic databases and online vendors will be discussed by a panel consisting of university and open access publishers, digital archive executives, and librarians.



8:05            Overview Presentation- Dr. Bridget C. Coughlin, Managing Editor, PNAS

Dr. Nicholas Cozzarelli, UC Berkeley, PNAS Editor


9:05            Comments/Presentations by Panel Participants

·              Dr. Michael Keller, Highwire Press and Stanford University

·              Dr. Martin Blume, The American Physical Society

·              Dr. Vivian Siegel, PLoS


10:25         Break


10:40         Discussion of Issues by Panel and Workshop participants


11:10        Session V: Workshop Summary


11:00        Discussion of Issues by Workshop participants


11:40        Concluding Remarks


12:00         Adjourn