Institutional Archive Registry

The Institutional Archive Registry track the number and size of open-access eprint archives


Where can I send complaints or compliments?

That would probably be me, at tdb01r at ecs dot soton dot ac dot uk, but further enlightenment may be found from the sites.

What is this listing?

We are promoting open access to the research literature pre- and post-peer-review through author self-archiving in institutional eprint archives. Open access to research maximises research access and thereby also research impact making research more productive and effective.

This registry has two functions: (1) to monitor overall growth in thenumber of eprint archives and (2) to maintain a list of GNU EPrints sites (the software Southampton University has designed to facilitate author self-archiving).

How do I submit my site? (which sites are appropriate?)

See suggest a site. Please submit sites that are (i) running GNU EPrints (because it helps us to know whose using the software) and/or (ii) sites that archive open access research articles (because we'd like to monitor how well Open Access is doing overall). If the site is (iii) the archive of a specific journal or journals, please specify this explicitly (so we can compare the growth of open access via the self-archiving of conventional journal articles versus publishing in open-access journals).

Why hasn't my site appeared?

Suggested sites go into a buffer and are added at the editor's discretion (to see 'dead' sites, which include rejected ones, see the dead sites listing).

How do I get a parseable list of sites?

See the plain text listing.

What does Not in Celestial mean?

This means the archive has not been listed/harvested by Celestial ( This may be because the archive doesn't have a functioning OAI-PMH interface.

What does OAI Interface Unknown mean?

Either the archive doesn't have a functioning Open Archives interface, or we couldn't track down where it is. Site admins should say on their 'about' or 'help' page where their OAI interface is and use a common URL for it (e.g. /perl/oai or /cgi-bin/oai). Submitting your site to the OAI registry/Hussein Suleman's Repository Explorer will also help to get your site noticed.

What does Thumbnail Unavailable mean?

Either the archive is inaccessible or the thumbnail has not been generated yet.

The thumbnail looks bad/is missing images!

You'ved probably got non-relative image links or are using some nasty site-centric code. Save energy, use relatives!

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