Peer Review in the On-line Era

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Peer Review in the On-line Era

What Is Peer Review?

The ģInvisible Handī of Peer Review

Peer Reviewķs Imperfections

Improving Peer Review: Untested Empirical Conjectures (Usually voiced as immediate recommendations)

Online Optimizations (technical and tested)

What is the true cost of implementing peer review?

Scientific Skywriting in the PostGutenberg Galaxy

ģHitsī vs. Downloads Preprints vs. Postprints (for Los Alamos Archive)

The finer-structure of ģimpactī (for Los Alamos Archive) Positive Correlation between downloads and citations (top right) Two phases in timeline: down-loaded preprint and cited postprint (bottom left) Download time-line for high, medium, and low citation impact papers (bottom right)

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