TITLE: The CogPrints Team

Archive Director

Stevan Harnad is Professor of Cognitive Science in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Multimedia Research Group at the University of Southampton. He was born in Budapest, Hungary, did his undergraduate work at McGill and his postgraduate work at Princeton. His Research is on categorisation, computation and cognition. He is founder and Editor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences, a journal of Open Peer Commentary, published by Cambridge University Press, and of Psycoloquy, a refereed electronic journal sponsored by the American Psychological Association and archived at Princeton University. He is also founder of the JISC/Electronic Libraries (eLib) Programme-supported Cognitive Sciences E-Print Archive.

System Architect and Administrator

Robert Tansley is a research student in the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton. After completing a BSc Hons degree at the same university, he is currently completing a PhD concerning multimedia thesauri in the Multimedia Research Group. He has been working on the CogPrints project since January 1998, and is responsible for the design and implementation of the second phase of the project.

The CogPrints project would not have been possible without the efforts of these previous members of the team:

Software Developer

Matt Hemus did his undergraduate and postgraduate work at the University of Southampton in Electronic Engineering. His primary research interests are electronic document representation, electronic communication, hypertext and interactive Internet applications. He was senior programmer on the Cognitive Sciences E-Print Archive project between 1 August 1996 and September 1998, and responsible for the design and implementation of the original CogPrints archive.

Archive Administrator

Vanessa Oliver was the initial CogPrints Project Administrator. She worked closely with Matt Hemus, the programmer, and Stevan Harnad, the director, in setting up the project. She ran the CogPrints office, trained the Archive helpers, and provided the start-up telephone and e-mail helpline. Vanessa studied counselling and psychotherapy part-time while working on the CogPrints project and will shortly become a qualified Psychodynamic therapist.