Scholarly Communication Reconsidered:

Priorities of the academic world in a digital framework

International Seminar, Florence, 10 December 2001

Sala Lorenzo Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale


Seminar scope:

This International seminar is organised by the Dafne Project in collaboration with Italian universities and academies together with the National Library of Florence. The Dafne Project provides assistance to universities and academic associations for the development and dissemination of scholarly communication. Communication activities include the range of activities recognized as scholarly for the purposes of tenure, promotion, merit, or reward. What moves to the foreground is the scholarly work of faculty, whether they are engaged in advancing knowledge in a field, integrating knowledge through the structuring of a curriculum, transforming knowledge through the challenging intellectual work involved in teaching and facilitating learning, or applying knowledge to a compelling problem in the community.


These four types of scholarship, which we shall call inquiry, integration, teaching, and application, will provide the framework for the international meeting. The purpose of conducting this program  is to stimulate thought and discussion about the priorities of the academic world in this period of change. Has the state-of-the-art advanced sufficiently to meet current needs? What does the academic world say about the type of services needed?



The Dafne Project is responsible for the International Seminar and the contact person is to be designated. The International Seminar is the pre-conference of the Italian Workshop on digital libraries, to be held on 11-12 December 2001.


Draft programme




Invited speaker Umberto Eco (Bologna University)



I Session: Digital publication: quality and reward system vs. communication? Chair: L. Tallandini (Padova University)

Invited speakers:

Stevan Harnad (Universite du Quebec a Montreal)

Gloria Origgi (Colloquium virtuelle)



Coffee break



II Session: Issues and applications for integration and teaching/learning in a digital environment. Chair: J. Di Cocco (Bologna University)

Invited speakers:









III Session: Advanced  experiences in the academic context, Chair: Fontana (Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale Firenze)

Invited speakers:

C. Tanos (CNR-Pisa)

M. Trigari (BDP-Firenze)

Dafne Project reporters