Data Web

Jean-Daniel FEKETE   INRIA   Visualizing Dynamic Interactions

Benjamin FUNG   McGill U  Applying Data Mining to Real-Life Crime Investigation

Jiawei HAN   U Illinois/Urbana   Knowledge Mining in Heterogeneous Information Networks

Jim HENDLER   Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute   The Data Web

Charles-Antoine JULIEN  Mcgill U   Visual Tools for Interacting with Large Networks
Yang-Yu LIU   Northeastern U   Controllability and Observability of Complex Systems

Adilson MOTTER   Northwestern U   Bursts, Cascades and Time Allocation

Takashi NISHIKAWA   Northwestern U   Visual Analytics: Network Structure Beyond Communities

Filippo RADICCHI  Indiana U  Analogies between Interconnected and Clustered Networks

Petko VALTCHEV UQÀM   Semantic Web Data Mining