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Professor Harvey Rutt is Rank Professor of Infrared Science and Technology in ECS-Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton.

Professor Rutt took both his BSc (1968, 1st class honours, year prize) and PhD (1971) at the University of Southampton, in the course of the latter building the first optical parametric oscillator to operate in the UK, and the first successful mid-infrared OPO. He then spent three years at a university in Brazil establishing a laser research group, working on hollow cathode iodine lasers, nitrogen lasers, and Raman spectroscopy.

Professor Rutt returned to the UK in 1973 and joined the Atomic Energy Authority at Culham Laboratory, working on novel infrared gas lasers for the sixteen micron region. This involved much molecular spectroscopy and kinetics, and also work on line narrowing, frequency stabilising and off line centre tuning of carbon dioxide lasers. Many novel lasers were discovered and characterised during this period, and some scaled up into 'user friendly' systems for use elsewhere. Later during his period at Culham Professor Rutt was involved in development of high power (10kW), CW, diffraction limited carbon dioxide lasers for welding and cutting, and in a range of non-linear optical work such as infrared/microwave mixing. Prior to leaving Culham Laboratory he was Division Head of Beam Science and Technology, encompassing both the laser beam and ion beam work (mainly H- and D- sources) with some 73 staff mainly supported from external contracts.

Professor Rutt was appointed to the newly established Rank Chair of Infrared Science and Technology at the University of Southampton in January 1992. His group has established a broad range of work in novel sources, instruments and systems in the mid and far infrared. He edits the Journal Infrared Physics and Technology. In 1997 he was appointed Deputy Director of the Optoelectronics Research Centre, the largest optoelectronics group in the UK. He was appointed Deputy Head of the School of Electronics and Computer Science in 2002 and became Head of School in August 2007. 

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (UK), the Optical Society of America and the Institute for Engineering and Technology, a Senior Member of the Institution for Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) and a member of SPIE, and the European Physical Society, and plays an active role in various committees of these organisations. He regularly attends national and international conferences, presenting both invited and contributed papers.

On a more personal note, he is a keen amateur diver, qualified to Dive Leader level, and has dived extensively around the world. He also dive regularly in our rather cold, gloomy, low visibility UK waters - in a dry suit! He holds a Private Pilots Licence, including a night rating, and flies regularly in a Piper Warrior. Other interests include classical music, reading and hiking, and he recently did an Alpine Skills course involving glacier travel, a bit of ice climbing etc and routes up to 'AD' in difficulty.

Latest News

Professor Harvey Rutt elected to Royal Academy of Engineering

Professor Harvey Rutt, Rank Professor of Infrared Science and Technology, and former Head of ECS-Electronics and Computer Science, has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng).

Unique Spectra detector is like 'playing billiards with atoms'

Another milestone has been passed in the new Mountbatten Building clean rooms with the commissioning of the ‘Spectra’ detector on the Zeiss Orion beam instrument.




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