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About me I'm a postgraduate student studying for a PhD in Complex Systems Simulation at the University of Southampton, England. The picture below was taken at home in Hexham which always seems to get the snow during winter.

My academic interests primarily involve the study of 'complex' networks, and how interactions between particles/ drivers/ ants/ anything else within that network give rise to higher levels of behaviour such as flocking, traffic jams, or foraging for food. Specifically my PhD project, under the supervision of Dr Ben Waterson, focuses on the provision of information to drivers moving within road networks, and how we can engineer systems which utilise network properties to deal with traffic management. I also recently completed a Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering at the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton. Further down this page are links to some selected papers from my studies.

Non academically I enjoy inline skating, roller hockey, being a goon, making little windows applications that do cool stuff, and listening to awesome internet radio stations and awesome singers!

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Short Curriculum Vitae

I have worked with a wide variety of companies in roles including acting as a researcher, analyst, developer, tutor, presenter and 'sandwich artist'. These, along with my own academic and personal interests such as tinkering with computers and coding, have provided me with skills to fully analyse and creatively solve problems in a variety of areas. For more details of my experience and roles please see my full CV or view a transcript of my Masters and PhD first year grades.

Research Papers Published

Snowdon, James, Waterson, Ben and Fangohr, Hans (2012) Evolution of adaptive route choice behaviour in drivers. In, UTSG: 44th Annual Conference of the Universities' Transport Sudy Group, Aberdeen, GB, 04 - 06 Jan

Middleton L. and Snowdon J. (2010). Histogram of confidences for person detection. In: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP 2010).

Snowdon, J., Powers, S. and Watson, R. (2009) Moderate contact between sub-populations promotes evolved assortativity enabling group selection. In: Proceedings of 10th European Conference on Artificial Life (ECAL 2009).

Conferences and Workshops Attended

44th Annual Conference of the Universities' Transport Study Group, Aberdeen (2012)

Teamworking and Networking Skills Residential Training Course, University of Warwick (2011)

Traffic Modelling for Traffic Management and Cooperative Systems Summer School (2011)

10th Annual S-Paramics User Group Meeting & Conference (2010)

10th European Conference on Artificial Life (2009)

Levels of Selection and Individuality in Evolution Workshop (2009)

Selected Undergraduate papers

Group Selection And The Evolution Of Ethnic Societies Part IV Individual Research Project (pdf, 184kb)

Quadrature Phase Error in Receivers Part IV Group Design Project (pdf, 3.25MB)

Using gait to analyse outdoor scenes for automated visual surveillance Part III Dissertation Project (pdf, 2.30MB)

Digital Data Transmission Part II Design & Build Exercise (pdf, 6.85MB)

Other roles and accomplishments

Member of the Computational Modelling Group, University of Southampton, 2010-Present

Member of the Social Systems Modelling Group, University of Southampton, 2010-Present

Chairman of the University of Southampton IEEE Student Branch committee, 2010-2011

Contributer to the School of Electronics and Computer Science blogs section, 2006-Present

Awarded The Head of School Prize for Contribution to the School of Electronics and Computer Science, 2009

Vice President on 2007-2008 Electronics and Computer Science Society committee, winning award for best website and publicity at the Students Union Excellence in Volunteering Awards

Representative for first and second year electronics students on the Staff Student Liaison Committee, 2005-2007

Standing member on 2006-2007 DJ Society Committee, University of Southampton

Completion of Bronze (2001), Silver (2003) and Gold (2005) Duke of Edinburgh Awards

James Snowdon

jrs105 [at] soton [dot] ac [dot] uk