The Viseum project

Viseum was a project (from Sept 1996) to develop advanced Internet applications for museums. In particular a high speed network (ATM) will be established between Vancouver, Berlin, Paris and London. This allows fast interactivity with high resolution, accurate colour images of art. Techniques will also be developed to allow a central index to be searched for data from various sites. Authorisation methods will be implemented for access control, to allow valuable data to be available to subscribers. A CD-ROM jukebox will be implemented at the test sites to allow the servers to maintain large images online.

Technical outline

The Viseum system will be integrated into the WWW. Conventional internet access to art images can only provide low resolution images due to bandwidth limitations. Current browsers can not show accurate colour images and most images available at the moment are non-callibrated RGB images. High quality data compression techniques will allow data to be transmitted to clients efficiently.


The best demos now - are the ones showing our newest software on the IIPImage sourceforge site


DeTeBerkom GmbH - Berlin - (Prime)

The University of Southampton - UK
Birkbeck College, University of London - UK
Laboratoire des reserches de France (LRMF) - F
The National Gallery, London - UK
NSM Jukebox - D
Canadian participants:
Advanced Cultural Technologies Inc (ACT)
Newbridge Networks Corp
TeleGlobe Canada Inc
Research Networking Association of British Columbia
The British Columbia Virtual Museum Association

Funded by the European Community's ACTS programme
ACTS page on Viseum
ACTS Chain GAC: Museums/Cultural Heritage