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Are You Interested in a PhD?

I am interested in high quality PhD students in the broad area of distributed systems (grids, clouds, the Web, Web Services, algorithms), and in the area related to provenance (information origin, attribution, trust, compliance check).  By high quality, I mean a first class degree from a good institution.

Look at my Web page for the research I am interested in.  If you want to pursue a PhD in this area, contact me and apply according to the following instructions.

With your application include a research statement that indicates the area of research you want to investigate. Your covering letter will also give an indication about why you want to do a PhD here at Southampton with me. Don't just send me a generic CV and covering letter!



Your are interested in getting some experience with a research environment? You think that you may be in undertaking a PhD in the future? You aim to get a first-class degree? You are second year BSc student, or a third year MEng student? You  have an interest for the broad area of distributed systems (algorithms, grids, clouds), or the area related to provenance (information origin, trust, compliance check)?

Contact me: the school runs an internship program.




Job Adverts


SOCIAM  Project, Research Fellow

Closing date: 18/01/2013


ORCHID PhD Studentship

Closing date: 31/01/2013