Single and Multi-carrier DS-CDMA: Multi-user Detection, Space-time Spreading, Synchronisation, Networking, and Standards

by Lajos Hanzo, Lie-Liang Yang, E.L. Kuan and K. Yen

Table of Contents:

  1. Prologue-Intelligent Broadband Wireless Transceivers.

  2. I Multi-User Detection for Adaptive Single-Carrier CDMA.

  3. CDMA Overview.

  4. Joint Detection of CDMA Signals.

  5. Adaptive-Rate Detection Aided CDMA.

  6. Adaptive-Rate Interference Cancellation Assisted CDMA.

  7. Iterative PIC Using Turbo Codes, LDPC Codes, TCM and TTCM.

  8. Blind Per-Survivor Processing Aided CDMA.

  9. Space-Time Spreading Aided Single-Carrier Wideband CDMA.

  10. II Genetic Algorithm Assisted Multiuser Detection.

  11. Overview of Genetic Algorithms Invoked for Multiuser Detection.

  12. GA-Assisted Multiuser Detection for Synchronous CDMA.

  13. Joint GA-Assisted Channel Estimation and Symbol Detection.

  14. GA-Assisted, Antenna Diversity Aided Multiuser Detection.

  15. GA-Assisted Multiuser Detection for Asynchronous CDMA.

  16. GA Assisted Multiuser Detection for MC-CDMA.

  17. III M-ary Single-Carrier CDMA.

  18. Non-Coherent M-ary Orthogonal Modulation in CDMA.

  19. RS Coded Non-coherent M-ary Orthogonal Modulation in CDMA.

  20. Residue Number System Arithmetic.

  21. Redundant Residue Number System Coded M-ary DS-CDMA.

  22. IV Multi-Carrier CDMA.

  23. Overview of Multicarrier CDMA.

  24. Space-Time Spreading Assisted Broadband Multicarrier DS-CDMA.

  25. Initial Synchronization of DS-CDMA and MC-CDMA Systems.

  26. Standards and Networking.

  27. Third-Generation CDMA Systems.

  28. Adaptive DS-CDMA Networking Using VSFs and Beamforming.

  29. Book Summary and Conclusions.

  30. Appendices.

  31. Glossary.

  32. Bibliography.

  33. Indexes.

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