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English Links

What's New - Terry Tao's blog
Normal Deviate - Larry Wasserman's blog
I'm a bandit - Sebastien Bubeck's blog
John Langford's blog
Panos Ipeirotis's blog
Art of Problem Solving

Hungarian Links

KöMaL - monthly maths journal for high school students
Maths at Fazekas (my old high school)
MaMuT - Maths camps for children and young students
BME VIK- my alma mater
Egres Research Lab @ Elte, Hungary - discrete maths & optimisation
Tamás Vicsek's lab @ Elte, Hungary - cool research stuff
Átlátszó Oktatás blog - blog on Hungarian education
Mandiner blog
Örülünk, Vincent? blog

Vietnamese Links

Tia Sáng - online portal on Vietnamese science & education
VNSoton - Vietnamese Student Society in Southampton, UK
Nguyen Tien Dzung's blog
Nguyen Van Tuan's blog
Blog Giáo Dục Việt Nam - blog on Vietnamese education

Other Stuff

Michael Littman's song on Machine Learning (to Michael Jackson's Thriller)
My sister's crazy song from 2005. Some of my other favourites from her: 1, 2, 3, 4