EU FET Grant IST-2001-38059

ASAP: Advanced Specialization and Analysis for Pervasive Systems

Partners: University of Madrid (coordinator), University of Bristol, University of Roskilde. Investigators: Michael Leuschel, Michael Butler, David De Roure

Description The research project on Advanced Specialisation and Analysis for Pervasive Systems (ASAP) is sponsored by the European Commission in the Future and Emerging Technologies programme of Framework 5. The aim of the ASAP project is to enable system development in pervasive computing, identified by the EC as one needing drastic improvement in terms of optimising development cost, reliability and time to market. The project will develop and apply techniques and tools based on program specialisation and abstract interpretation. The project consortium consists of 4 university partners: Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, University of Southampton, University of Bristol, and University of Roskilde, Denmark.

Duration From 1.11.2002 until 31.10.2005

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