List of Accepted Submissions:

Nr. Paper Title Authors
01 A new encoding and implementation of not necessarily closed convex polyhedra R. Bagnara et al.
02 Automated property verification in UML models J. Saez et al.
03 A hoare logic for single-input single-output continuous-time control systems U. Martin et al.
04 A synchronous bisimulation based approach for information flow analysis G. Hains et al.
05 Model checking Rebeca code by SMV M. Sirjani et al.
06 Automatic verification of real time systems: a case study E. Prokofieva et al.
07 Compositional CSL model checking for boucherie product processes P. Ballarini et al.
08 Feature Integration from a theory change perspective H. Harris et al.
09 Deductive verification of cache coherence protocols A. Lisitsa et al.
10 A probabilistic covarage for on-the-fly test generation algorithms N. Goga
11 An experiment on synthesis and verification of an industrial process control in the DSL environment T. Massart et al.
12 Projection onto state in the duration calculus: relative completeness D. Guelev et al.
13 CSP model checking of liveness properties over eventual delivery networks W. Simmonds
14 CSP + clocks: a process algebra for timed automata S. Cattani et al.
15 Model checking multi agent programs with CASP R. Bordini et al.
16 Using probabilistic model checking for dynamic power management G. Norman et al.
17 On the expressiveness of CSP refinement checking B. Roscoe
18 Robust models for generalized model checking M. Huth
19 Automatic structural coverage testing of JAVA bytecode C. Meudec et al.
20 Modelling ad hoc on-demand distance vector protocol with timed automata S. Chiyangwa et al.
21 Model checking graph grammars A. Rensink
22 A First Glimpse at Patterns of Data-Independent Induction M. Goldsmith et al.
23 Using the extensible model checker XTL to verify StAC business specifications J.-C. Augusto et al.
24 Modelling ad-hoc routing protocols using game search I. Zakiuddin et al.