Research Interests

Some of my research interests are:

In particular, I have worked on automatic control of program specialisation (see, e.g., papers in ACM Toplas or LOPSTR'96) and applied partial evaluation to deductive databases (J. Logic Programming). I have also pursued the offline cogen-approach to specialise Prolog programs (Dagstuhl'96, ESOP'98, TechRep.99) and extended existing specialisation techniques to handle constraints (New Gen. Comp.) or accomodate more powerful transformations such as tupling and deforestation while keeping the fully automatic control (JICSLP'96, LOPSTR'96, JLP'99). Recently, I have been particularly interested in combining program specialisation and abstract interpretation (JICSLP'98, PLILP'96), studying the mathematical properties of the homeomorphic embedding relation (SAS'98 & LOPSTR'98), as well as adapting program transformation for tabled logic programming (LOPSTR'97, LOPSTR'97). I have also been very much interested in model checking of infinite state (distributed) systems. In particular, I believe that existing techniques for program specialisation and abstract interpretation can be used to automatically control the abstraction required for infinite state model checking (PSI'99, LOPSTR'99, CL'2000, PPDP'2000; I also gave a talk at a Schloß Ringberg seminar on this topic, see also anothertalk I gave at TUM, and I gave lectures for a course at DIKU). I am currently developing the ProB model checker for the B-method, using a logic programming approach.

Michael Leuschel / University of Southampton /