Please visit the new ProB web site at:

The old pages are still available in case you wish to download a release prior to 1.2.

Download Area

General Material

Windows Version

Macintosh Version (Mac OS X)

Linux Version

Solaris Version

Platform independent Version

This version requires SICStus Prolog 3.10 or higher to be installed.

Java Version

The Java Version of ProB is still under development, but a first prototype is available for download for Windows and Linux.

Source Distribution

A source distribution is available upon request from Michael Leuschel. Just send a brief email with the reason for needing access to the source. The source is distributed under the GPL licence.
The downloads contain parts of the jbtools library which are distributed with kind permission from Bruno Tatibouet, Université de Franche-Comté, France.
Michael Leuschel