The DPPD (Dozens of Problems for Partial Deduction) Library of Benchmarks

Maintained by Michael Leuschel. Suggestions, comments or new benchmark ideas, are always welcome and can be mailed to

This library aims at being a standard suite of benchmarks for partial deduction. It started out by the observation that the only accepted benchmark suite in partial deduction (the so called Lam and Kusalik benchmarks) contains too few benchmarks, most of which are too simple and too small. So the idea came up to generate something like the TPTP (Thousands of Problems for Theorem Proving) library, but for partial deduction.

The library contains benchmarks consisting of declarative logic programs, together with descriptions on the particular specialisation that should be performed by a partial deducer. The library also contains run-time queries by which the specialised program should be compared to the original.

Allowed Built-in's

All built-in's which can be given a declarative semantics (maybe under some restrictions of the selection rule) are allowed. For instance the following built-in's might occur in some of the benchmark programs:

The Benchmarks

The benchmarks marked with (LK) are the original Lam and Kusalik benchmarks. Benchmarks marked with (JJ) were brought to my attention or designed by Jesper Jorgensen. More details about the origins of the benchmarks can usually be found in their respective descriptions.

Pure LP benchmarks

You can also download a tar'ed version of all the benchmarks here.

CLP benchmarks


Direct or indirect contributors to the above list are: Andre de Waal, John Gallagher, Robert Glueck, Thomas Horvath, Jesper Jorgensen, A. Kusalik, J. Lam, Bern Martens, Alberto Pettorossi, Maurizio Proietti, Morten Heine Sorensen, Valentin Turchin and Phil Wadler .
Michael Leuschel