PhD Opportunities

I am currently looking for new PhD students. As a member of the WAIS research group as well as the Web Science Institute my research interests are varied. Please take a look at the Postgraduate Admissions pages for more information on funding, and how to apply to ECS. I would be happy to hear from anyone who was an interest in postgraduate study in any of the following areas:

Web Science

Digital Behavioural Interventions

Semantic Annotation


Narrative Systems

Current Postgraduates

  • Mona Almofarreh - Open and linked data for eHealth.
  • Yousef Asiri - eLearning support tools to promote critical thinking.
  • Belfrit Batlajery - Achieving due diligence in food safety with provenance and risk.
  • Tom Blount - Location based hypertext fiction systems.
  • Roushdat Elaheebocus - Digital Interventions Through Online Social Networks and Mobile Platforms for Behaviour Change.
  • Susan Faulds - How do healthcare professionals make clinical decisions when video telemetry is used as the method of communication between the healthcare professional and the patient?
  • Jennifer Gaskell - Conceptualising the Web for post-conflict governance building in fragile states.
  • Briony Gray - Towards an understanding of how social media is used in disaster management.
  • Alison Knight - Identity Protection Under UK Law: Exploring and Rethinking Identity for the Online World.
  • Joe Manghan - CrowdComp - exploring how crowdsourcing can be used as a composition process.
  • Sascha Miller - Understanding usage patterns of behavioural interventions.
  • David Monks - An Investigation into Continuously Adaptive Plan Optimisation for Efficient Reuse of Data an Processing in Distributed Continuous Stream-Reasoning Applications.
  • Sophie Parsons - Using Social Networks to Enhance Disaster Management.
  • Elzabi Rimmington - An Exploration of Cross-gender Presentation in MMORPGs.
  • Diego Virasoro - An investigation of Social News websites.
  • Peter West - The Dangers of Patient Data in Clinical Decision Making.
  • Anna Weston - A Framework to Explore Disengagement within the Context of a Health-Related Digital Behaviour Change Intervention.

Completed Postgraduates

  • Gemma Fitzsimmons (2016) How do we Process In-text Hyperlinks During Reading on the Web?
  • Sarosh Kahn (2015) Can the law continue to be a satisfactory mechanism to protect against attacks on reputation in the emerging Web 2.0 environment?
  • Mike Saker (2015) Convergence Devices and Pervasive Play.
  • Norhidayah Azman (2014) Dark Retweets: An Investigation of Non-Conventional Retweeting Patterns
  • Eloise Monger (2014) Video-View-Point: Video analysis to reveal tacit indicators of student nurse competence.
  • Oliver Parson (2014) Using Hidden Markov Models for Non-intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring from Smart Meter Data.
  • Jean-Remy Duboc (2013) Dynamic Feedback Generation in Virtual Patients using Semantic Web Technologies.
  • Watsawee Sansrimahachai (2012) Fine-Grained Provenance Tracking in Stream Processing Systems.
  • Zurina Muda (2012) Enhanced Image Retrieval Using Spatial Information and Ontologies.
  • Charlie Hargood (2011) Semiotic Term Expansion as the Basis for Thematic Models in Narrative Systems.