Michael Poppleton: Some publications

Last Updated: 3.03.2005
Academic Journal Papers
  1. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  2003   Reqt. Eng. J.,  8 (4),  pp. 266 - 288, `Retrenching Partial Requirements into System Definitions: A Simple Feature Interaction Case Study.' Preprint: .../Retrench.Partial.Req.ps.gz .../Retrench.Partial.Req.pdf
  2. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  1999 Form. Asp. Comp.,  11,  498-540, `Sharp Retrenchment, Modulated Refinement, and Simulation.' Reprint: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~banach/some.pubs/Sharp.Retrench.ps.gz
  3. M.R. Poppleton, A.L. Smith-Haenni, G.H. Willies  1976 South African Journal of Science, `The Quasi-Stellar Object Position-Redshift Relationship'
Refereed Conference Contributions
  1. R. Banach, M. Poppleton, C. Jeske, S. Stepney 2005 Proc. ASM-05 8pp., to appear `Retrenchment and the Mondex Electronic Purse (Extended Abstract).' Preprint: .../Retrench.Mondex.Short.ps.gz .../Retrench.Mondex.Short.pdf
  2. M. Poppleton, R. Banach  2004  Proc. ICECCS 2004: IEEE International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, P. Bellini, S. Bohner, B. Steffen (eds.), Florence, Italy, 87-96, `Requirements Validation by Lifting Retrenchments in B' Reprint: ...Req.Val.Lift.Ret.zip   Report: ICECCS04Report.doc(Word)
  3. M. Poppleton, R. Banach  2003  Proc. FME 2003: International Symposium of Formal Methods Europe, Pisa, Italy, Springer LNCS 2805, 814-833, `Structuring Retrenchments in B by Decomposition' Reprint: ...Struc.Ret.B.Decomp.zip
  4. M. Poppleton, L. Groves  2003   Proc. RCS'03: 2nd Annual Workshop on Refinement of Critical Systems, Turku, Finland, 3rd June 2003   15pp. `Software Evolution with Refinement and Retrenchment' Url: http://www.esil.univ-mrs.fr/~spc/rcs03/rcs03.html Reprint: ...Soft.Ev.Ref.Ret.zip Slides: ...Soft.Ev.Ref.Ret.Sli.zip
  5. M. Poppleton, R. Banach  2002 Proc. ZB 2002: Formal Specification and Development in Z and B, Springer LNCS 2272, 42-61, `Controlling Control Systems: An Application of Evolving Retrenchment.' Reprint: .../Retrench.Control.Evol.zip
  6. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  2001 Proc. IEEE MBRE-01, 1-8, `Model Based Engineering of Specifications by Retrenching Partial Requirements.' Reprint: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~banach/some.pubs/Retrench.Mod.Base.Req.Eng.ps.gz
  7. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  2000 Proc. IEEE ICFEM-00,  143-151, `Fragmented Retrenchment, Concurrency and Fairness.' Reprint: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~banach/some.pubs/Retrench.Frag.Fair.ps.gz
  8. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  2000 Proc. ZB 2000,  Springer LNCS 1878,  304-323, J. Bowen, S. King, S. Dunne, A. Galloway (eds.), `Retrenchment, Refinement and Simulation.' http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs Reprint: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~banach/some.pubs/Retrench.Ref.Sim.ps.gz
  9. M. Poppleton, R. Banach   2000 Proc. IWFM-00,  26pp., `Retrenchment: Extending Refinement for Continuous and Control Systems.' BCS EWIC workshops Reprint: .../Retrench.Ext.Ref.Control.ps.ps
  10. M. Poppleton, R. Banach  1999 Proc. IEEE ASE-99,  158-165, `Retrenchment: Extending the Reach of Refinement.' Reprint: .../Retrench.Ext.Reach.Ref.ps.ps
  11. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  1999 Proc. FM-99,  Springer LNCS 1709,  1864-1865, J. M. Wing, J. C. P. Woodcock, J. Davies (eds.), `Retrenchment.' http://www.springer.de/comp/lncs Reprint: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~banach/some.pubs/Retrench.ps.gz
  12. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  1999 Proc. IFM-99,  457-476, K. Araki, A. Galloway, K. Taguchi (eds.), `Retrenchment and Punctured Simulation.' Springer-Verlag, http://www.springer.de/comp Reprint: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~banach/some.pubs/Retrench.Punct.Sim.ps.gz
  13. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  1998 Proc. B-98,  LNCS 1393,  129-147, D. Bert (ed.), `Retrenchment: An Engineering Variation on Refinement.' Reprint: http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~banach/some.pubs/Retrench.Eng.Var.Ref.ps.gz
  14. M. R. Poppleton  1997 Proc. IWFM'97  1st Irish Workshop on Formal Methods, BCS Electronic Workshop in Computer Science Series, http://www.ewic.org.uk/ewic, G. O'Regan, S. Flynn (eds.), University College Dublin, `The Single Transferable Voting System: Functional Decomposition in Formal Specification'
Refereed UMCS Technical Reports http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/csonly/cstechrep/index.html
  1. R. Banach, M. Poppleton  1999   UMCS Technical Report, UMCS-99-3-2,  25pp., `Retrenchment: An Engineering Variation on Refinement.'
Submitted for publication
  1. C. Snook, M. Poppleton, I. Johnson, 2005, 15pp.,

    `The engineering of generic requirements for failure management'

    Preprint: poppletonrefsq05.pdf


  2. R. Banach, M. Poppleton, C. Jeske, S. Stepney, 2004, 16pp.,

    `Retrenching the Purse: Finite Sequence Numbers'

    Preprint: ret.long.mondex.seq.pdf


  3. R. Banach, C. Jeske, M. Poppleton 2004 23pp., `Composition Mechanisms for Retrenchment.' Preprint: .../Retrench.Composition.pdf
  4. R. Banach, M. Poppleton 2004 35pp., `Some Engineering and Theoretical Underpinnings of Retrenchment.' Preprint: .../Some.Underpinnings.ps.gz
  5. M. Poppleton, L. Groves  2003   22pp., `Formal perspectives on software evolution: from refinement to retrenchment' Preprint: ...Fml.Persp.SW.Evo.zip (MS Word)
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