Mike Poppleton - a potted history

I joined the DSSE group in 2002 as Lecturer in Formal Methods, having 11 years’ prior experience as lecturer in Computer Science at the Open University and Coventry University.

I received a B.Sc. in Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics from the University of the Witwatersrand in 1977.  Leaving South Africa to avoid apartheid-era conscription I then pursued a 13-year industrial career in the UK, including system and data communications development and support.  I was part of the development of Apricot Computers’ distinct hardware/software package of the early 1980s.  I spent 1985-1990 with the COP/CODA project at the Inland Revenue, Telford. A successful project, this was the largest European public sector IT project to date. My initial role was as data communications consultant for validation of this pilot installation of ICL 3900-series mainframes, moving to team leader for validation of distributed systems. In 1991 I received an M.Sc. in Software Engineering from Aston University. In October 2001 I completed my part-time Ph.D. with Dr. Richard Banach at the University of Manchester. My thesis “Formal Methods for Continuous Systems” proposed the notion of retrenchment.

My interests are in the development and application of formal methods to difficult problems in software engineering. This interest broadly has two themes: retrenchment, which generalises the classical theory of data refinement (Back, He, Hoare, Morgan, et al), and methodology of application of the B-Method of J.-R.Abrial to large, complex systems. Retrenchment extends the applicability of formal methods to difficult application domains such as classical physics, continuous mathematics,  feature composition and interaction, and software evolution. In EU IST project RODIN (Rigorous Open Development Environment for Complex Systems) I am examining the deployment of the new-generation Event-B language to control systems applications, with particular focus on scalability and generic requirement specifications.

Here's another photo (on an old computer).

Here's my late wife Annily's site.

Updated 30/04/2006