PhD Study

I am happy to take on very good, motivated students for PhD projects. I have not listed a set of projects this year, because I have a large number of existing students.

If you wish to study for a PhD under my supervision, please go through the formal admissions procedure.  See
You may list me as a potential supervisor.

Please do not send me your CV (resumé) - I am unable to make an offer until your qualifications have been assessed.

Please also note that we have a very limited number of studentships available. We do not have teaching assistant positions available and PhD students are normally expected to provide their own fees and living expenses.

MSc Projects

Please wait until the project allocation is completed later this spring.

Exchange Students

We have formal agreements with a number of other European universities. I will discuss 6-9 month projects on an individual basis.

Summer Internships

I get a lot of requests for summer internships. Unless you are a UK student in your 2nd or 3rd years and planning to study for a PhD, please do not email me, asking for a place.

I am unable to offer places for the following reasons:

Cost: I do not have funds to support students with travel or accommodation. Additionally, visiting students would normally have to pay fees to cover supervision time, computer equipment and desk space. This means that you would have to find several thousand pounds of your own money.

Time: We have a cohort of over 150 MSc students. In the UK system, students do a project over the summer months. Therefore, I expect to be supervising 4 or 5 students this summer. Additionally, I have a number of PhD students who will also be supervised over the summer.

Quality: We need to have formal agreements with partner institutions if we are to exchange marks. This is very time consuming to develop for individual students.

5 January 2008